What is Outsiders?

Outsiders is a project created by JOEZCafe based around the virtual singing software UTAU, which allows users to make virtual singers that sing songs by entering a melody and lyrics.

All of the voicebanks and characters in this project were voiced and designed by my friends and mutuals who have very little or absolutely no experience or involvement in the vocalsynth/UTAU community.

The individuals invited (begged) to take part in the project are given a copy of OREMO with a reclist and instructions on how to use the two to record an UTAU voicebank, to which they send the samples to me for oto’ing, a character is designed by them to go with the voicebank and I make a debut cover, releasing the new character and adding them to the group.

The core of this project is to give my non-vsynth peers the surreal creative outlet UTAU provides without requiring any extensive commitment or technical knowhow, letting them go wild with their characters all the while giving the “Oh crap, that’s my voice” moment we all get when we first hear our new VBs in action and giving the UTAU community a new collection of characters to have fun with ~

To see the Outsiders in action, you can listen to their debut covers on my vsynth YouTube channel (JOEZLounge) or my SoundCloud (JOEZCafe).

Terms of Use:
(The terms shown on this page, if updated, take priority over the terms shown in the readme files of the voicebanks)
Those involved in voicing and designing these characters also act as co-managers in how their voicebank is distributed, as such, they all have the ability to request their voicebank is removed from public download, but their entries and existing works will still remain.If a voicebank is delisted, please refrain from redistributing the voicebank or making any further works if it is in your possession.R-18 Content using the characters and/or voices is allowed, even without permission.Commercial use of the characters and/or voices is allowed, even without permission.The character and/or voice can be grouped with any others (including ships) so long as you are not breaking the Terms of Use provided by the authors of the other characters involved.Do not use the characters and/or voices in any work that could be illegal/defaming or involve hate speech to groups of race/gender/orientation/nationality.These voicebanks are publicly available for all users, JOEZCafe and the other parties involved in the making of these voicebanks do not take any responsibility for incidents or events caused by works using it.

Voicebanks -

OS02 - Saga

Voice/Designer - JuKayVid
Country of Origin - Netherlands
Artwork - Silent Artworks
Type/Language - CV Japanese
Pitch - F4
Pronouns - She/Her
Age - 25
Height - 5'5
A pop-influenced singer with cute undertones. From high belting pop to soft ballads, Saga will sing her heart out to entertain the audience.

OS01 - Claude Ulisse

Voice/Designer - Classy
Country of Origin - France
Artwork - Jingodatta
Type/Language - CV Japanese
Pitch - F3
Pronouns - He/Him
Age - 23
Height - 5'11
A digital singer who supplies the smooth groove for all those who’ll lend an ear.
He is an android made to perform, with various costumes and bodies to insert his mind into for each of his shows.


Voice/Designer - JOEZCafe
Country of Origin - United Kingdom
Artwork - Faynatical
Type/Language - CV & VCV Japanese
Pronouns - Any
Age - 25
Height - 5'9
JOEZCafe's UTAU, for more info and voicebanks, go to https://jyozeutau.carrd.co/

( Made with Carrd )